Bill Entzminger

Bill Entzminger


Bill Entzminger

Ph.D., LPC

Individual, Marriage and Family Therapist in McKinney, TX

Dr. Bill Entzminger has been a psychotherapist for more than forty years specializing in relationship issues. He has served on the faculty of several universities and colleges teaching courses in sociology, psychology, marriage and family therapy and human development. Bill provides individual counseling as well as couple’s therapy at our McKinney therapist office.

With a 36 year marriage and as a father of eight children, Bill is experienced in family communication and conflict resolution from a personal as well as a professional perspective.

Couples and individuals often seek Bills expertise in sexual issues.  His pragmatic approach to sensitive topics allows his patient’s to fully express themselves in an atmosphere of acceptance and understanding.  Patients have the opportunity to learn relationship skills, methods of self-care, and acquire tools to communicate their needs effectively and thereby fully realize their sexuality without shame.

One of Bill’s favorite things about being a therapist is intersecting with people’s lives when they are trying to resolve difficult issues or make important decisions.  Most decisions don’t have a clarity of communication with those involved in the consequences of that decision. Having the right tools and words to communicate effectively allows a thoughtful decision to be made with integrity and confidence.

A change in gender roles, financial responsibilities, same sex marriages, as well as technological advances in communication are factors in how marriage has changed significantly decade by decade.  Couples seeing the example of their parents does not necessarily reflect their reality in today’s world. often a couple today are unsure how to nurture and care for themselves and others in a relationship, that is where individual counseling or couple’s therapy can support you and your relationships.



Bachelor of Arts Baylor University

Ph.D. Social Sciences Florida State University


Licenses and Certification

Licensed Professional Counselor

CCA Therapist Since

Joined CCA in 2017



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