Matt Wolff

Matt Wolff


Matt Wolff


 Adlerian Counselor in McKinney

I came to the mental health field and counseling in rather a roundabout way.  My first introduction came while working on mental health policy as an employee of the state legislature.  To make a long story short, my experiences in that role ultimately led me to go back to school to become a mental health practitioner, as I sought to make my way to the “front lines” of helping people heal and grow.  My experiences as a clinician run the gamut of working in hospitals, community agencies and in private practice.  As a result I have experience and training that afford me relevant competencies in treating children, adolescents, adults and seniors dealing with a wide variety of concerns, including but not limited to anxiety and depression, marriage and family issues, life stage and career transition as well as more complex mood and thought disorders.


Modalities in which I enjoy working include play therapy, sandtray, individual, group and couples therapy.  I am an Adlerian in orientation, which means I follow generally the theories and precepts of Alfred Adler, (1870-1937), a contemporary of Freud and Jung, whose theory has continued to be developed and improved upon until the present day.  Adlerian therapy begins with a basic four-point foundation involving,

1) development of a respectful collaborative relationship between myself and my client,

2) inviting the client to discuss his or her life history to identify any patterns, both helpful and less so, that may emerge in regard to a client’s “style of life”,

3) working alongside the client to aid in gaining or the promotion of insight into potential new, more beneficial ways of thinking and perceiving, and

4) helping the client reorient themselves to more adaptable and successful being and doing.


If all that sounds rather stuffy or formal, I can assure you that I am neither of those things.  I seek to individualize my work with you to whatever extent is needed to ensure both your comfort and progress.  I am a great proponent of using humor when appropriate and am generally described as having a gentle and reassuring manner when helping people in crisis or those simply trying to figure out a pathway to leading a better and fuller life.


I look forward to the opportunity of working with you on achieving the goals you desire.


2010 Bachelor of Science Liberty University
2012 MS in Counseling Texas A&M University Commerce

Licenses and Certification

CCA Therapist Since

Joined CCA in 2017

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