Stephanie Whisenhunt

Stephanie Whisenhunt

cca north texas counseling intern

Stephanie Whisenhunt

MS, LPC-Intern supervised by
Heidi Tournoux-Hanshaw,LPC-AT-S, ATR-BC

Counseling in McKinney TX

The act of listening to someone speak what is in their heart without judgement is a quality I learned long ago to value and appreciate.  I was privileged to receive such a gift in my own life when it was needed most, and I have long since desired to return this honor in service to others.  My goal as counselor is to work alongside my clients to build a relationship rooted in trust and shared respect, laying the foundation for the therapeutic process to flourish and ultimately assisting the client to thrive.

While attending graduate school at Southern Methodist University, my practicum training was at The Art Station in Fort Worth.  There I gained play therapy experience working with children and expressive art therapy experience working with adolescents and adults.  I utilize a combination of these therapeutic techniques, along with traditional talk therapy, to help my clients reach their specific goals.  I have witnessed the value of therapy provided in group settings and am prepared to work with groups of children and adolescents.  These groups will focus on developing self-awareness, building self-esteem, and practicing problem solving and social skills in a safe environment with others in their respective age group who share similar needs.

I believe everyone has within themselves the power to create the life they so desire.  My role as counselor will be to provide you the support and encouragement necessary for you to progress toward your goals and have a better understanding of your strengths.  I would be honored to witness this journey of discovery alongside you.


BA in Psychology
University of Texas at San Antonio

MS in Counseling
Southern Methodist University

Licenses and Certification

Licensed Professional Counselor – Intern

CCA Therapist Since


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