Renae Cobb (No Longer Accepting New Patients)

Renae Cobb (No Longer Accepting New Patients)


Renae Cobb

MS, LPC – No Longer Accepting New Patients

Individual Therapist In McKinney Tx

Note:  No Longer Accepting New Patients

My route to the counseling profession has been circuitous.  After many years working in technology at the corporate level and then leaving the professional world behind to begin a family, I found myself at a crossroads.  Spending some time looking at my personal story in a different way and listening to my self to identify my energy sources and passions led me to the field of counseling.  I returned to school for my Masters degree in 2007 and have been in practice since 2010.  Currently I am continuing my training as a Diploma Candidate  at the C.G. Jung Institute Zurich.  I am excited to walk alongside others on their own journey to self-discovery here at CCA.  I have experience working with adults in individual, family and group settings.

I believe each one of us strives continually for growth and balance within ourselves and our relationships.  We have varied goals in life but often those goals may include knowing ourselves better, having strong relationships, and doing something meaningful with our lives.  In order to achieve these goals, sometimes we have to find and develop pieces of ourselves we might have ignored or shortchanged in the past.  And sometimes, on this journey, we get stuck in old patterns.  Finding these pieces of ourselves and exploring what keeps us stuck helps move us forward on this journey of self-discovery.

I see my job as a counselor as someone who walks beside my clients for a while, offering support in finding inner strength and undiscovered resources.  In a safe and accepting setting, you will be free to explore difficult events and struggles in your life.  We will explore ways for you to know yourself more fully.  We will tap into your inner resources, understand better some of the forces that both drive and constrain you, and work with your creativity to help you discover your authentic self.  This process encompasses mind and body, heart and soul and I would be humbled and honored to be a witness as you unfold your own story.

“Our responsibility, then is to find and know the story that is our own. We then reach out to grapple with it, choosing to suffer the conflicts that pull us back into our fate and forward to our true selves. As we become healed and autonomous, we reenter our community and our history, offering our gifts to benefit all, and taking our place as cocreators of our personal and communal destinies. All three of these tasks, though developmental in nature, are not necessarily done in stair-step order, but cycle around and around, deeper and deeper, as we grow in consciousness and responsibility.”
-Gertrud Mueller Nelson


1993   BA in Computer Science from Baylor
2010   MS in Counseling from Southern Methodist University
Diplomat Jungian Analyst CG Jung Institute Zurich Expected Feb. 2018

Licenses and Certification

Licensed Professional Counselor

CCA Therapist Since

Joined CCA in 2012

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